The Consultancy Unit develops and applies effective, relevant models and approaches in community and organizational development.

Developmental Approaches: The Consultancy Unit recognizes the important role of culture, environment and context in development. While we value international models and global best practice, we build upon these models, carefully customizing them to the Palestinian context. This entails ongoing local design-based research (conceptual and practical) which utilizes and builds upon the findings of previous local research, continuous evaluation and review of results, and a timely feedback system. Through this process, new models and approaches are institutionalized, becoming knowledge resources for the Palestinian development community.

The Consultancy Unit offers consulting services in:

  • General Management: development of vision and mission, strategic and business planning - including development of priorities, financial implications and program planning
  • Organisational Development: organization structure; administrative, financial and operation systems and procedures customized to organizational structures to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness; monitoring and evaluation, planning, and follow up to ensure success.
  • Organizational Performance Assessment: in-depth analysis of organizations, project impact and potential sustainability, with concrete recommendations to further strengthen impact
  • Entrepreneur Development and Support: programs and services enabling Palestinian entrepreneurs to establish and operate successful small businesses, assistance in the identification of new business opportunities, and support to help these businesses achieve their vision and maintain organizational drive after their establishment.
  • Project Management: coaching in project analysis, based on market research and feasibility studies, project design, management and coordination of implementation, and monitoring & evaluation
  • Business Counseling: business counseling services designed for entrepreneurs planning to start their own small business, enabling them to acquire the self reliance, skills and knowledge necessary for business planning, assessment of new investment opportunities, preparation of feasibility studies and financial plans, market research, and project evaluation.