In 2006, the CCE initiated the CAPABILITY Program, to develop the capacity of Palestinian education and training institutions to implement broad effective reform of the Palestinian educational system, by adopting innovative learning solutions supported by technology.

The CCE has worked to achieve this through development of local models and methodologies which are based on global best practice but customized to Palestinian needs, development of a critical mass of change agents inside educational institutions with the educational and organizational capacity to catalyze innovative solutions supported by technology, and to lead and sustain ongoing widespread educational reform, and partnerships with the private sector to enhance support for education and the creation of an industry revolving around innovation in learning supported by technology.

The CAPABILITY program has initiated a wide range of seminal programs including the establishment of Learning Innovation Teams at Palestinian universities, teacher professional development in the use of educational technology, creation of innovative scalable educational models for formal and non-formal education, a comprehensive model for curriculum development, a new teacher education diploma program, creation of a comprehensive science education degree, and development of low cost computer solutions for schools. The Unit for Learning Innovation and Training leads all of our work in these areas.


The CCE’s work in education consistently promotes:

  • High quality
  • Relevance to the local context
  • Innovation in Development
  • Continuous learning
  • Remaining current with 21st century advances
  • Design based research, and "use of classrooms as laboratories"
  • Higher level thinking skills (critical thinking, problem solving) and student centered learning
  • Technology as an effective enabler in development
  • Empowerment, participation, inclusion, teamwork
  • A holistic approach including coping skills, global citizenship and responsibility
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