Organizational Development
Organizational development involves supporting an organization to develop its overall direction and purpose. It includes Strategic and Business planning, Program planning, Organization structure, Administrative, financial and operation systems and procedures, Monitoring & Evaluation and Implementation planning.

CCE conducts in-depth analysis of the organizations and projects performance including determination to which degree they have been successful in meeting the intended goals and objectives, and assessment of the potential sustainability. Assessment concludes in concrete recommendations for achieving better performance along with identifying potential areas of improvement.

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Coordination with Palestinian non-governmental organizations to conduct public awareness sessions, training and workshops in various subjects in women’s health, gender issues, etc. For example, the community mobilizer, along with representatives from the women groups in the villages of Ifqeiqis, Khirbet Salameh Wadi Obeid, Khursa, and Wadi Shajna Tarama Deir Razeh, have visited the Family Planning and Protection Association, and presented the community strategic plans, especially the women sector parts, where a clear description of women's needs are highlighted. Accordingly, and based on women's desire for awareness raising in Reproductive health, gender and equality, the association provided three training workshops covering different related subjects.