Human Resource Development
In today’s knowledge-based economy, effective human resource development is the key to success. It is vital to effectively coach and mentor not only the actors of today, but the leaders of tomorrow. 
The CCE’s concept of human resource development goes beyond organizations and institutions, to the level of nations. We consider effective human resource development a national responsibility, which must be fulfilled if today’s Palestinian youth – tomorrow’s leaders - are to develop an effective economy, compete and contribute globally. Clearly, innovative, current, high impact approaches are vital to the success of local development endeavors, in the harsh political and economic environment of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The CCE’s approach is to serve both individuals and institutions, through short and long term training, training of trainers (TOT), continuing Professional Development - Diploma programs and specialized courses, and practical on-site coaching and mentoring, while promoting 21st Century Skills and Educational Best Practice. All of our programs blend global best practice with pressing local needs which have been pinpointed through meticulous needs analysis, to best serve our community. In our groundbreaking Stepping Stones program, employment opportunities are created through the establishment of local knowledge based industries, working in partnership with companies abroad; in this program, human resource development is carefully planned in cooperation with regional partners, preparing local staff to precisely fulfill the needs of these companies. All CCE training/coaching is interactive, learner centric, and highly relevant. E-learning is integrated as an ideal vehicle for continually updating knowledge and skills (continuous learning) allowing students to remain current and productive throughout their lifetimes.
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