The Psycho-Social Unit is designed to research and seed new programs and approaches, and implement capacity building to create new leaders who will catalyze advances in counseling services nationwide.

PSU is renowned for the creation and implementation of three ongoing, state of the art professional in-service diploma courses (school counseling, counseling supervision and family counseling with focus on child-protection) which serve professionals working in the field and have revolutionized counseling services across the country. Completion of these diploma programs has become one of the Ministry of Education preferred requirements for the employment of all future counselors and supervisors.

The Psycho-Social Unit also catalyzes advances in advocacy and outreach. The PSU coordinated the development of comprehensive, cohesive national child protection, networking and referral system protocols with the Ministry of Social Affairs, UNICEF and other agencies. These protocol systems have been formally adopted by the MOSA and the PSU is currently developing the second phase of this project.

Services offered by the Psycho-social Unit

  • Professional training programs in school counseling, counseling supervision and family counseling - with a focus on child-protection
  • Applied research and development using participatory approaches
  • Ongoing professional support and development
  • Consultancy services