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Diploma Projects
ULI Unit

Several accredited professional diplomas have been designed and some are in the process. The main objective was to meet specific needs in the community and to apply best practices and use ICT in the training delivery. The currently accredited diplomas with enrollment are:
1. Design and delivery of e-enabled curricula: targets both university professors and school teachers. The program covers several models including the planning and design of e-content, activities, evaluation and communication in an e-enabled learning environment.
2. NGO Management: capacity building for middle and upper management cadres in local NGOs with focus on development and the role of NGOs, organizational development, project cycle management, networking and fund-raising, financial and human resource management.
3. SME Diploma: capacity building for young entrepreneurs in business development and investment. Topics include management skills, strategic management, human resources management, marketing, financial management, quality control and production process management.