Program of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an academic program leading to Bachelor’ of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Communications, Computer, or Power and Control. Concentration area is indicated in the student transcript after the completion of the graduation requirements.

The Electrical Engineering program combines the analysis and design of electrical and electronic circuits, communication systems, mechanisms for automated control of processes, power Electronics and machine drives, and electrical power generation, conditioning and delivery. Integrating modern science with practical applications is the core of advanced technology, particularly in electrical engineering. The advancement in modern technologies - such as the Internet, mobile communication, high performance computers, power plants, renewable energy and robotics - is based on applied electrical and electronic engineering principles. Therefore, a modern Electrical Engineering curriculum needs to be thoroughly grounded in the founding theories of electrical engineering while being dynamic to accommodate the advancement of the old technologies and the development of new ones. The curriculum offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering teaches sound engineering principles and an ability to apply these to the solution of problems. This is done through emphasis on practical problem solving, design capability, and laboratory work along with team projects. Some flexibility is provided through a choice of departmental electives in the different areas of electrical engineering. The mission of the Department is to provide qualified students with a good foundation in Electrical Engineering in order to prepare them for a successful professional career and to contribute to the needs of society as well as preparing them for graduate studies.