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Opportunity to attend video games design training

The Najjad Zeenni IT Center of Excellence at Birzeit University is currently engaged in developing and implementing a 2-phase training program in Video Game Design, Development, and Production targeting those wanting to build skills and master the craft of digital game design in both the pre-production and production stages.  

This training pre-registration call is for the first stage of the training program that will cover topics related to the pre-production aspect or plan and design phase of the video game design and development lifecycle. The training will combine both theoretical and practical aspects and the participants are expected to develop a video game concept and prototype during the first training phase.

The training will be comprised of 4 main modules (around 80 hours of training) as follows and will take place at Birzeit University during the period of October – December, 2013.
In addition to the face-to-face training sessions, the trainers will work with the trainees long-distance through online sessions.

 Module 1: Fundamentals of Game Design
o Learn the basics of games, what makes games playful and challenging. Cover various game mechanics and game-play of board games and video games.
 Module 2: Storytelling in Video Games
o Creating a story and a narrative in a video game, from setting the environment and characters to level progression.
 Module3: Game Psychology
o Topics in user experience design, from player behavior to emotional bond and flow.
 Module 4: Pre-production
o Discovering the concept, creating design documents and prototypes.
The second phase of the training will be implemented in early 2014 and will cover topics related to the full-scale video game production (such as programming, game-play, and level creation, art and audio production, marketing, and alpha green-light) as well as select post-production topics.


Good English language skills (the training will be carried out in English)
Passion for electronic games
Strong analytical skills
No programming experience is required


$100 and is refundable at the end of the training.
Pre-Registration & Deadline:
Fill the pre-registration form:
All pre-registrants will be invited to an interview.
Deadline for pre-registration: 20-8-2013

About the trainer:

Heather Kelley is an award-winning media artist, curator, and game designer based in Vienna, Austria. Most recently she won the Innovator Award at the 2013 Women in Gaming awards, for breakthrough innovation in her work. In 2011, she was named by Fast Company magazine as one of the thirty most influential women in technology. Her conceptual game designs have won the 2009 GDC Game Design Challenge and the 2006 MIGS Game Design Challenge. Her current experimental focus within her design studio Perfect Plum explores the under-used senses in physical gaming, such as smell, taste, and touch. More about Heather:

For additional information:

Call the IT Center of Excellence: 02-2982072
or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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