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Train-to-hire accelerated technical training program

Helping companies stay ahead of the game, out-perform their competitors, and increase employees' productivity.


Industry-ready Information Technology graduates

Palestinian IT companies who are certain about their hiring forcasts, have complained for years about the shortage of "industry-ready" IT graduates - especially those having strong analytical and problem-solving skills and who are effective communicators.  

Train to Hire is a leading-edge training approach that provides companies with the competitive advantage of sourcing and hiring "job-ready" IT employees.  Companies providing information technology services and solutions can capitalize on the benefits of this program because of its very practical "hands-on" training delivery approach in which the theory lectures and the practical sessions are delivered in a 10:90 proportions respectively.  

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Innovative employment preparation program

Most job offers often require that the applicants have enough relevant experience, specific skill sets, and deep knowledge in certain IT areas - which graduates fresh out of universities usually do not have.  This innovative employment preparation program at the Najjad Zeenni IT Center of Excellence @ Birzeit University, provides the prospective IT employees with an immersive experience of undertaking actual workplace job tasks - thus maximizing their potetial to learn and master the essential knowledge and skills of the job.

Productive develpers from day one on the job

Prospective employees (or recent graduates) who successfully complete the rigorous training program are transformed into "productive developers from day one on the job."

The Najjad Zeenni IT Center of Excellence pilotted the first round of the "train-to-hire" program in cooperation with Asaltech - a leading Palestinian company offering top-notch IT outsourcing services.  Fifteen recent IT graduates from 3 different Palestinian universities were selected to undergo the intensive 4-month-long core technical training program - then be hired as full-time employees by Asaltech.  

The program consists of 6 core hands-on modules
  • Algorithms analysis and design
  • Data structures
  • Networks programming
  • Linux and shell scripting
  • Quality assurance and software testing
  • Object Oriented Programming

Trainees attended the hands-on daily sessions on Birzeit Unviveristy's campus.  When each session concluded, trainees went back to the office cubicles in the Center of Excellence and worked on real-life projects and cases provided by Asaltech.

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At the end of the intensive 4-months all-on-campus training program, the 15 trainees moved to their offices at Asaltech's headquarters in Ramallah and were productively working on clients' projects from the very first day of their job assignment.


To advance innovation and creativity in future IT generations in Palestine.


To cultivate a nurturing environment within the center that promotes the productive flow of critical thinking, creative ideas, and innovation in IT and its various applications.

How We Work

We facilitate the effective use of information and communication technologies for meaningful purposes in underserved Palestinian communities.

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