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Birzeit University's Internet radio station, OUTLOUD, was launched on October 17th, 1998. The radio station broadcasts a two hour show every day.

Outloud resumed to broadcasting (as of November 13, 2000) what goes on Radio Birzeit, which is run by students of radio-journalism in the Media Institute at Birzeit University.
Some of the courses and the 92.1 MHz FM transmission are financed by the German Heinrich Boell Foundation. The Internet section goes on air from a studio financed by the Finnish Government and Finnish Radio.

Radio Birzeit is on air for two hours every day except for Friday and Sunday, which are official university holidays. All programmes are produced by students.

Outloud Team:
- Content editor: Aref Hijjawi, chief trainer - radio
- Studio engineers: Emad Ghunaim and Muhannad Qaadan
- Production Assistant: Diala Pro .

Listening to Birzeit Radio is very simple - you need a Real Audio Player, a computer, sound card and speakers. For more information, visit our how do I listen page?

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