Resource Center

The resource center is a vital component of the program in Democracy and Human Rights at Birzeit University. The center is still under construction and development. This first year, work at the center has been dedicated to developing the center’s capacity in providing resources in different forms of books, periodicals, audiovisuals and materials in electronic format.Our long-term plans include developing the resource center on different levels of periodical subscriptions and widening the range of resources and references. In addition to computerizing the center on higher technological methods were resources would be more accessible to students along with a practical strategy for developing our publications especially those including the content of workshops and conferences. In general, we aim at developing the resource center to achieve a well equipped resource center that involves a computer lab for IT training access, a specialized library with books, documents, data bases and audio-visual materials.The resource center is designed to serve multiple purposes: it supports the training process, curriculum development research. It focuses basically on the program’s development and for the benefit of the program’s students, nevertheless; it is useful for NGO’s and interested people from outside Birzeit University. The plans are to introduce advanced resources to be used in the resource center and on-line.

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