About The Program

The program in Democracy and Human Rights at Birzeit was established in 1999, for the purposes of training, education, and capacity building in the field of democracy and human rights. The program encompasses three major components. It includes a training program in democracy and human rights leading to the MA degree. It encompasses a community outreach component, which involves workshops for activists, feedback from practitioners to staff, training for workers in the fields of democracy and human rights. It also embodies a research component that has a focus on studying the practical issues of democracy and human rights in the Arab Palestinian context. The program also embodies a well-equipped resource center; this involves a computer lab for IT training, Internet and email access, and a specialized library with books, documents, database and audiovisual material. These components work together in an integral approach so as to achieve the overall objectives.The program with each of its components is designed to be a qualitative addition in a field that is interactive and interdisciplinary, politically and socially vital to the process of democratic state building in Palestine.

Purpose and Aims:
The general objectives of this program can be summarized in filling a gap in Palestinian societal needs for a more professional and more qualified approach to the issues of democracy and human rights. The program is seeking to approach these issues with special emphasis on their applications in the contemporary Palestinian reality without taking them out of their general theoretical framework. Specific objectives are:


  • To qualify the MA students to work in the fields of democracy and human rights
  • To locate practical issues that need theoretical discussion, and discussing them in an informal atmosphere where theoreticians and practitioners work together
  • To suggest local training materials for democracy and human rights education in Palestine
  • To offer options of new innovative approaches to practitioners of human rights and democratization advocacy
  • To suggest action plans and policies based on research in topics that will be defined through community outreach activities
  • To present its findings to those who are involved in advocacy, lobbying, and influencing policies and legislation

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