Chemistry Department at Birzeit University in cooperation with Palestinian Chemical Society and General Federation of Palestinian Industries announces

VII. Palestinian International Chemistry Conference

and the Exhibition of Palestinian Industries

March 23-24, 2013


   Chemistry is involved in almost every aspect of life from baking a loaf of bread up to manufacturing nanoprocessors. Modern life style would be unthinkable without the countless items that involve chemical materials like medicinal drugs, food ingredients, detergents, fertilizers, apparel stuff, dyes, fuels, microchips and many others. This conference is planned to form a platform for academicians and researchers from various Palestinian universities to present their research in various fields of Chemistry and discuss joint issues. The conference will be accompanied also with an exhibition for Palestinian industrial products, and representatives of this sector will be invited.

The Organizing Committee at Chemistry Department-Birzeit University in cooperation with the Palestinian Chemical Society and the General Federation of Palestinian Industries invites academicians, researchers, educators and students from different fields of Chemistry in Palestine and outside to take part in the conference. It is hoped that the conference will contribute to raising the appreciation and understanding of Chemistry, and encouraging the interest of young people in the study and research of various disciplines of Chemistry.