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Special Focus

 Chemistry, Industry, and the Environment
     Chemistry plays a cyclic role in regard with industry and the environment. In principle, chemistry is fundamental for industrial development. However, industrial practices can lead to environmental risks. Consequently, chemistry would again be required in dealing with environmental problems like climate changes, depletion of natural energy resources, and water pollution.
    Recently, increasing attention is being paid to environmental concerns, and new manufacturing strategies attempt to focus on developing environment-friendly materials and applications, without sacrificing modern lifestyle.
    The industrial sector in Palestine is still small and is suffering a variety of troubles. However, it keeps developing in a number of areas like pharmaceuticals, food, textile, stone and marble. The constrains which face industrial growth cannot be isolated from the shortage of energy resources and the scarcity in water supplies.
    Special consideration will be given to research related with industrial and environmental applications. Representatives of these sectors in Palestine will also be invited, and an exhibition devoted to products of the contributing Palestinian industrial companies will be arranged.